3 Wallet-Friendly Ideas To Set A Delicious Wedding Menu—Without Going Broke

With the average wedding in Australia setting couples back $36,200, you're probably looking for ways to save on costs, especially with food, alcohol and venue costs consuming a significant chunk of your budget. Tightening your wallet is a lot easier than you think with some smart choices. Here are some wallet-friendly ideas to help you set a delicious wedding menu—without going broke.   Cut Down The Cost Of Wait Staff By Placing Entrees On Tables [Read More]

Planning a corporate function on a budget

A lot of corporate functions are suffering from budget cuts in light of less than favourable conditions. It can be hard to justify an elaborate multi-course sit-down banquet if a company is laying off staff for example. As a result, many people are looking at ways to have corporate functions on a smaller budget without sacrificing quality. Here are some ideas to cut down on your function expenses.  Switch to a cocktail (standing) function [Read More]

How to Use Your Point-Of-Sale System to Reduce Food Waste at Your Restaurant

RMIT University's Watch My Waste project has found that 23 per cent of all food that restaurants and cafés buy for their business ends up in the bin. This high level of waste has a huge financial cost. It also generates extra work stocking, preparing and cleaning up wasted food, and it negatively affects the environment. Do you want to waste less and earn more? Here are some ideas on how to do it involving your point of sale equipment. [Read More]